Do Zucker Rats Provide Fat Loss Clues?


What can rats tell you about weight loss? When it comes to the study of garcinia cambogia and its most nutritionally-active compound, hydroxycitric acid, a whole lot!

Decade-Old Study Shows Hydroxycitric Acid’s Fat Loss Properties

A study published in the March Read More

7 Ways to Overcome Your Weight Loss Hurdles in 2015

resolutionIt’s a new year, and that means millions of American have yet again made a resolution to lose weight and get healthier—and most of them will throw in the towel before they succeed. Beat the odds and make 2015 YOUR year with these seven tips to real and lasting weight loss, improved health, and greater self-confidence and happiness. Read More

Athlete finds Muscle Building Miracle

It may be hard to believe, but that lean, muscular guy you see on the right started out as just another skinny kid in high school. He was picked last in sports, suffered from low self esteem, and didn’t get much attention from the girls. All he could do was just watch while the athletic, well built jocks got all the dates! This is when he decided to make a change Read More